Edurus growth continues and firmly establishes the company as one of the leading manufacturers of tailor made stone products in the Nordic countries. Since the start in 2005 Edurus has become the largest tombstone supplier in Sweden. Now geographical expansion as well as new product lines are under development. Read more>
Edurus is the largest tombstone supplier in Sweden. Here you can order tailor made tombstones all over Europe. Read more>
Edurus is specialised in tailor made stones. With factories in China and Sweden we can provide high quality, low prices and short delivery times. Read more>
Our commitment
•  Treat every customer with respect.
•  Be professional in everything we do.
•  Be the best possible choice regarding
   quality and price.

Main Partners

Fonus is Sweden´s largest funeral undertaker with 250 offices, started in 1946.
Memare is one of Holland´s largest tombstone supplier with a complete portfolio of memorial products.